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Black River Koi is located in Columbia Station, OH in the greater Cleveland area. It is privately owned and operated by William Martin.

William entered the industry in 1998, and has since then gained extensive knowledge on how to create and maintain the best environment for your aquatic eco system.


Our local business' mission is to provide high quality Japanese Koi and goldfish in a variety of sizes and color, at a reasonable price. 


Fish imported from Japan, undergo a strong quarantine process upon arrival. Each breeders' Koi are placed in separate quarantine systems, which are heated to above 50 degree temperatures for a minimum of two weeks. The fish are then tested for parasites before they are put out for sale.


Aquatic plants at Black River Koi can be purchased bare rooted or potted, with many options to choose from. All pond supplies are hand picked, and we only carry products that we ourselves have used, and know work well.

 Black River Koi is going through a remodel. We are refining our pond supplies domain and expanding our koi fish habitation into a controlled greenhouse. The remodel is expected to take a few years until it is fully completed. If there is any confusion about the changes, don't hesitate to ask a staff member for guidance. 

William Martin


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